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Libros for Learning is a 501c3 tax deductible organization dedicated to building children’s libraries in the central plateau area of Mexico. Schools in rural Mexico work hard to deliver quality education, but struggle against some built-in challenges. A typical rural school consists of a single room building filled with over 30 children ages 6-12 and a single teacher. These schools lack many basic of resources for their students, including pencils and paper, crayons and notebooks. Most importantly they lack books!  

Our mission is to bring as many libraries as we can
to the rural children of Mexico. 
A typical library we assemble consists of 150-200 books varying in reading level and subject. These Spanish-language books are engaging and educational. They are chosen to be the kinds of books that kids will take home because they can’t wait to read them. Each library costs approximately $1,000 to purchase, package and deliver to its school.
Educators agree that a sound education is rooted in the availability of books. Children are created equal, but not all are provided the same resources.

These children in rural Mexico can succeed in their current situation if they are provided access to knowledge. Our goal is to turn these kids into readers and enable them to find books that will change their own lives.

What are the facts?

· Mexico is a 95% literate society, but for most students,

the literacy level stops at about 5th grade.

· Two-thirds of Mexican families have no books in the home.

· Children who read at home become better readers

AND better at math.

· Success as a reader correlates closely with the

number of books available to a student.


What does Libros for Learning do?

We deliver classroom libraries of 150 to 200 books to rural schools.
The books are high interest books matched to the reading levels of the students. A catalogue/check out system allows students to take books home to read.





Dr. Glenn Baron

is a retired fifth grade teacher at Kensington Elementary in Waxhaw, NC
and is our organizer for "Libros for Learning." 
In our first years of existence we have bought and delivered more than
80 libraries and look forward to providing many dozens more. 




Have a Library Named After You

Make a tax-deductible donation and have a library named after a loved one! 

Teachers! Think about a service project.

Classes from first grade through high school have learned about schools in Mexico and have helped out through donations of books and funds. “Club Leo” at Scholastic Books is an easy way to buy Spanish-language children’s books. We can send a Powerpoint to help you make an educational presentation to your students.



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